Charlotte’s CIAA Contract To Expire Next Year: Tourism Officials Ask For A New Long-Term Deal

Tourism officials are off to Virginia to try to keep the CIAA in Charlotte. The city has hosted the CIAA eight years in a row, but the contract will expire next year. A local delegation will attend the CIAA’s board meeting on Wednesday to fight for a new long-term deal.

ciaaCRVA CEO Tom Murray said there are people who would love to have the convention, and other cities would like to have an opportunity to host the said athletic event.

Data shows that the breakdown of CIAA colleges is as follows: Pennsylvania has one, Maryland has one, Virginia has two, and North Carolina has eight. Charlotte has only one, the Johnson C. Smith University, where President Ronald Carter is urging to keep the event. “It will be a major loss for the city and it would be shame on us,” he said.

A lot of that pressure falls on Charlotte’s hospitality industry and Mohammad Jenatian’s group, the Greater Charlotte Hospitality and Tourism Alliance.

CIAA stated that 80 percent of its graduates live in Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina, and Charlotte’s among the biggest cities in all three.