What Completes MicroStrategy

ctiaMobile technologies are taking center stage in people’s lives. They have been moving from being a form of luxury, to must-have gadgets. These were MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor’s words in the opening of CTIA 2013. Among those who also gave their opinions are women executives who oversee mobile initiatives for a variety of companies.

At CTIA 2013, mobile identity was the idea that kicked off at a keynote speech Tuesday. The wireless industry trade show is underway this week in Vegas. Saylor talked about how mobile identity is making the shift from inconsequential to vital to our existence.

There are 3 Trends in Transformation according to Saylor. First is dematerialization, which occurs when smartcards are inserted into smartphones to replace payment systems and other processes that require authentication. Next is Cyberphysics, a phenomenon where the laws of physics behave differently when they happen on a smartphone. The third trend is networked applications, says Saylor. Apps and connected devices allow for programs to talk to each other, sharing information among the users.