Woman Attempts To Break World Record For Tiniest Waist

Michele-KoebkeA 24-year-old woman has been wearing a corset everyday for three years to shrink her waist from 25 inches to 16.

Achieving the World Record

Michele Koebke’s waist is currently smaller than that of a two-year-old and she hopes to reduce it even further to beat the present world record of tiniest waist at 15 inches.

Koebke, from Berlin, sleeps wearing her corset and believes her hourglass shape is womanly and graceful—even if it has caused her health problems.

How Koebke Managed to Get Slimmer

The muscles around her midsection are deteriorating as she depends more and more on wearing her corset and doctors already warned her that there may come a time when she might not be able to move at all without tight-fitting apparel.

Koebke struggles to breathe and can only eat small food. She is advised to avoid fizzy drinks and gassy foods like beans that could result in digestive problems.

Koebke said she has “become so attached to my corsets that I don’t feel comfortable when I’m not wearing them. It has become something of an obsession, I can’t imagine myself without my corsets.”