Surviving Live Break-ins: A Helpful Guide

The feeling of moving into your own home and experiencing that sense of independence is a mix of emotions. This can be a thrilling experience at first, but if you suddenly experience a live break-in, this can be a frightening experience. Think about it. Is it a planned attack because you’re all alone in your home? Or are they just lucky enough to see a single occupant?

Regardless of the reasons behind it, experiencing a live attack is like seeing a ghost for the first time. You can’t say a word, your knees are shaking, and you don’t know what to do. But no worries. Here’s what you must do in case a burglar enters your property, regardless if it’s their first attack or not.

Do what they tell you

Keep in mind that your main priority is your safety. Almost all burglars are there to steal, not to harm their targets. Do what they tell you and don’t put yourself in danger just because you didn’t follow their instructions.

They’re on the edge, too

As you’re feeling that sense of adrenaline rush, burglars also experience that same feeling. Don’t do anything that will surprise them. If needed, tell them when you’re about to move and what you’re about to do. Let them know if someone else is in the property. They’re always on the edge so maintain a steady move to be safe.

Activate alarms discreetly

Most alarm monitoring services often provides a secret distress signal to their monitoring center. By just pressing one button or keying a secret pin on the keypad, your ADT security system quietly sends an alarm signal straight to a monitoring center. If you can do it discreetly in front of the intruders, they will be surprised there’s a group of police officers waiting for them outside.

Document everything

Write down everything. Memories fade quickly especially when you’re frightened. Make sure you capture every single clue that will lead to the intruders’ arrest. Pay attention to their appearance. This will help the authorities track them down easily.

Just because they recently attacked your home doesn’t mean they won’t return. Be responsible, protect yourself, and don’t wait for them to return to make a smart move. Make sure you get the best alarm monitoring service to stay safe inside your home.