Lighting Up Your Outdoor Living Spaces

The purpose of good lighting is also not just about lighting up your surroundings and letting you see who made that noise in your yard. It can also set up a look to make your garden have that certain mood you want it to have. Different types of lights can make your home’s outdoors feel intimate, formal, or even lively. The blinking colors of the Christmas lights, for example, can make you feel light and cheerful. Bright spotlights, on the other hand, can instill alertness as you let your eyes wander around your place.

Different types of outdoor lighting are available in many home shopping centers. Visit DirectBuy in Tinley Park to compare which bulbs can fit your garden spaces. This way, you can choose which of the following lights can suit your home:

Pathway Lights

Spread out lights on the sides of your walkways and driveways. Measure the spaces between bulbs so you get just the right amount of light. Hanging lights can also work to light up your footpaths and other garden lanes.


Downlights are called this way because they’re usually installed on ceilings or on top of the walls to illuminate the floor below. You can place them in holes on your ceiling to cast narrow beams of light. This can make them look decorative while lighting up the way to your front and back doors. Round lights are the only shape available, but you can choose from different types of bulbs. Compare the benefits of choosing between halogen or LED at Tinley Park DirectBuy.

Accent Lights

The most ornamental type, accent lights can bring attention to the fine parts of your landscape. You can place one behind an arbor to cast shadows with dim lighting on the faraway sides. This can evoke a romantic atmosphere in your garden and make it a good venue for a dinner.

Special Lights

Underwater lights, lanterns, and torches are just some examples of special lights you can use to decorate your outdoors. Pool lights, for example, can enhance the appearance of the water at night. Lamps, on the other hand, make useful centerpieces in patio furniture. They can also enhance the look of your patio and make it more relaxing to stay in.

Browse different types of outdoor lighting available, so you can see which ones can suit your outdoors well. Look at the selections in DirectBuy Tinley Park. This way, you can check out different options and find those that fit your budget.