Why Mold Testing Prevents Health Risks and Improves Indoor Air Quality

Over 30% of brand new homes harbor some form of mold. It could be growing in your home right now. Mold needs oxygen, moisture, a food source, and a surface to grow on. A tiny mold spore can enter a home relatively easily. It may begin its invasion by moving into your residential area through a central heating system. Such a system continually circulates mold spores in the air, until it embeds itself in that dust. The dust is a contributing factor providing the nutrients it needs to thrive. Now all mold needs to survive is moisture. That moisture comes from condensation produced by heating and air-conditioning systems, humidifiers, and others.

Health Problems

Mold causes various health problems ranging from mild symptoms, such as irritated eyes, coughing and sneezing, to more serious ones, such as asthma attacks, adverse allergic reactions, and even permanent lung damage.

Mildew is the early phase of mold. It usually develops in humid weather and consists of certain types of protists and fungi. It cultivates easily in any home environment, including organic matter, plants, shower walls, and dark places. Those with an immune system deficiency are prone to a serious form of infection called respiratory mold infection, which can be life threatening if left untreated.

Indoor Air Quality Standards

There are established general standards for acceptable indoor air quality. You should regularly contract Indianapolis mold testing companies to check for mold in order to prevent growth. If you find yourself smelling a foul odor in your home, then it is definitely time to test for mold.

Professional Mold Inspection

You don’t need to tear your house apart and end up putting it back together when searching for signs of mold. A professional mold tester carefully and thoroughly examines your property to obtain samples that need to be taken to the lab for analysis. Afterwards, he defines the exact type of mold. He will look out for water damage, HVAC system problems, humidity levels, and other factors that may result in mold growth.

If you believe that your property runs a high risk of growing mold, hire certified and experienced professionals such as the American Mold Experts for mold testing in Indianapolis. You can also search for qualified professional mold inspection companies online.