Space Booster Tips for Tight Rooms and Spaces

Decorating a small space is always a challenge, with the pressure for furniture to be not just beautiful but functional. You’ll be facing the challenges of freeing up precious inches in your home and making it seem expansive. The space shouldn’t be a hindrance to make your home elegant and stylish. Your space may be limited, but your design knows no bounds.

From adding functional storage to decorating chic living rooms, these furniture tips from top Los Angeles furniture stores are what you must practice to create more space in your house.

Scale Back and Trick the Eye

Go for a love seat or for the versatility of armchairs in place of a sofa. If you do decide on a sofa, choose a generously scaled piece. This will trick the eye and make the room seem a bit bigger. Look for furniture pieces with narrower arms and a slightly modest profile.

Save Space and Choose Versatile Furniture

Make the most of every inch with furniture that serves more than one purpose, like an ottoman that doubles as a coffee table. A multiuse sofa is a comfortable spot to unbundle from the cold, and works as extra seating for guests. You can find these cheap furniture pieces in different Los Angeles stores.

Layer Lighting

Incorporating different lighting fixtures is important. Your space should include artificial light sources to ensure adequate lighting on cloudy days and at nighttime. Chandeliers or pendant lights are perfect for nooks, as they attach directly to the wall or ceiling and take up minimal space. Other choices include canister lighting fixtures and mini puck lights attached to shelves.

Go Large and Expand

Even as you scale back in some rooms, look for at least one area to spree on size. Big, dramatic furniture pieces look great in small spaces. The trick here is just to create balance. Seek out ways to make your home feel spacious, like by adding over-sized mirrors. These are great for reflecting and amplifying natural light.

With smart choices, even a modest room can reveal greatness. Find these pieces from discount furniture stores in Los Angeles to save up on space and money. Good storage and design will let you see and enjoy the things you love, and keep everything else tucked away.