3 Home Safety Misconceptions

Although it has lessened in most city groups in the U.S., property crime and burglary cases are still happening every day. Figures show that every 15 seconds, a burglary occurs and yet only 14% of people have some sort of monitored alarm system installed. Unfortunately, this is most likely because there are many common misbeliefs regarding such systems.

Here are three myths about alarm systems for homes, debunked:

Safety Myth # 1: Home Security is Costly

It’s a little known fact that home security doesn’t cost that high. Looking at the bigger picture, having peace of mind is invaluable. With several burglaries happening each minute, a security system becomes even more essential for every home. Security for yourself and your loved ones is of top importance. The amount of money you spend on safety is very much worth it.

Safety Myth # 2: “It Won’t Happen to Me”

Property crime has become so common, and yet many people still don’t realize the importance of home security. Homes lose an average of about $2,000 to $5,000 worth of household items and possessions during a burglary. With that in mind, it’s necessary that your home should have at least some level of protection. You don’t have to take desperate measures, since there are affordable home security systems that can let you sleep at night knowing your home is safe.

Safety Myth # 3: Pets and Alarm Systems Don’t Mix

Larger pets like big and medium-sized dogs sometimes interfere with certain types of alarm sensors, such as single beam motion sensors in and around the home. However, there are other options such as dual beam motion sensors. These are great for pet owners who don’t want to risk their home’s safety just because they have a few pets in the house. Additionally, door and window sensors also serve well as security tools that work regardless. A tough guard dog or two, along with a good security system, may actually work to your advantage.

It’s time to step away from being just another statistic. Many established security companies offer affordable monitored home security systems. Visit their websites to find out more about different services and packages available for your home.