Malema Launches Economic Freedom Fighters Political Group

malemaFormer African National Congress Youth Leader from South Africa, Julius Malema has launched a new political group called as the Economic Freedom Fighters with the objectives to redistribute farm land and nationalize mines. Describing his group’s ideology as ‘anti-capitalist’, the once close pal of President Jacob Zuma, said that black and white will share, failing which either party will be ‘forced to share’.

The Birth of EFF

Malema said that the birth of EFF stemmed from the common man’s suffering. He said that the black people had to show proof of the land being theirs. So he wanted ‘something to show’ so that his people could proudly claim who they were.

Malema’s new group does not come as a surprise considering the sluggish economic growth experienced by South Africa in the past few years. The country is also a victim to corruption and poor standard of living.

In fact, Malema is not the only one to float a new group. Another new party, Angang, spearheaded by Mamphela Ramphele, came into existence last month.