Diamonds, the Ultimate Symbol of Love

The term diamond comes from the ancient Greek word “adámas”, which means “unbreakable”. Many people all over the world consider it as the ultimate symbol of love, which should also be strong and indestructible like the precious gem. This is why more often than not, engagement and wedding rings have at least one piece of diamond that not only adds beauty but also symbolises everlasting love.

Not all that Glitters is a Diamond

Unfortunately, it’s sometimes difficult to distinguish genuine diamonds loose for sale from fake ones, especially when a person has little or no background on gemology. There are, however, ways to find out if a diamond is real or not. For instance, there are agencies like the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) that certifies a gem’s authenticity and value.

A diamond has different characteristics, but jewelers and buyers often concentrate on the following: carat, clarity, color, and cut (the four Cs). Although there are many synthetic diamonds that look great, nothing beats a real diamond’s touch of class. Lastly, another important aspect is if the diamond is conflict-free, which means they’re not the so-called “blood diamonds” mined in a war zone and sold to fund war-related activities.

Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend

People may be intimidated at first by the thought of buying diamond jewelry because of the price. There are ways to get the beauty of a diamond, however, without having to spend your lifetime savings. Pure diamonds are rare and costly, but decent quality gems are the more affordable option. By considering the four Cs, you can get a good piece of jewelry to symbolize your love at an affordable price.

These everlasting gems don’t only add beauty and charm to a piece of jewelry. When they’re part of an engagement or wedding ring, they pretty much seal the deal. It’s a flawless investment any girl would love to receive from their partner. Loose princess cut diamonds for sale are the second most common choice next to round ones. There are dozens of other cuts that can make engagement and wedding rings very unique.

You can get certified, conflict-free loose diamonds for sale from reputable stores, whether online or inside a jewelry store. Visit their websites to find out more.