Review: How’s Strategic Web Design Generates Results recently re-launched their web design packages and I must admit I’m quite impressed by their offers. Their web development solutions are available in different packages, namely, Basic, Standard, Advance, and Professional, offering different levels of services to match the varying needs of their clients. Here’s my comprehensive review of their packages:

Design and Conversion

Each package provides detailed mock-ups they base on the concepts discussed by their clients. These include mock-ups on homepage, inner page, and contact page designs. Both Advanced and Professional packages provide two home design mock-ups, including three and four home slideshow images, respectively. They present the design mock-ups so that their clients know exactly what their visitors would see upon accessing the pages of the site.

The packages offer almost the same for the revisions of the mock-ups presented. They provide two home page revisions, except for Basic package, which offers just one. When it comes to the inner pages, they provide one revision for the first three packages, and two for the Professional package.

The company’s packages present a uniform approach in the conversion stage. This is where they convert the revised homepage, inner page, and contact page mock-ups to HTML and present them to their clients.

Another thing that’s worth mentioning about is they highly value the use of CMS in building their clients’ websites. This way, they make it easier for the site owners to publish, edit, and modify their content, even without the help of or an in-house developer/programmer. Everybody in SEO knows that regular update and fresh content are keys to achieving high rankings in major search engines.

Development and Implementation

This is the part that makes different from other vendors that I know. They don’t just do designs, but manage the full bout of development. For me, this gives them an image of a one-stop shop for all client’s web design and development needs.

The packages include almost the same offers: dynamic menu creation, blog activation on an external site, and integration of customer testimonials and web forms. All these are necessary to build an effective website. User experience remains a key consideration in building websites. Perhaps this is the reason the company gives enough focus on developing exceptional navigation features and functionalities.

Creation and implementation of online forms and testimonials are likewise part of the packages. These functionalities add value to the website and contribute to user experience. On the topic of functionalities, their Advanced and Professional packages, respectively, offer one and two custom functionalities as additional benefits. I believe this is an excellent response to the different requirements of different clients.

Content and Imaging

Content remains king in the SEO world, and fully understands this. They handle content writing, editing, and integration for clients under their Standard, Advanced, and Professional packages. The Basic package only includes text content integration, which I think is fine for the very websites that are not highly dependent on their content’s editorial quality.

They also handle image purchasing and implementation. As their website says, they purchase high quality images from reliable resources and add them to the pages. In addition, their packages promise images that would support and enhance written content and are relevant to the pages.

Completion and Optimization

seo (2)I’ve known as a search engine optimization reseller that is passionate in delivering results that meet clients’ standards and expectations. Regardless of the package, they remain open for the necessary improvements and revisions ordered by the client before the site launch.

Their on-page optimization is another impressive part of their packages, which other web developers do not, or rarely offer. This involves optimizing various elements of the page including title tags, meta descriptions, footers, and alt image tags. This is done to make the site user and search engine friendly as well as make sure clients are fully equipped and ready to get into the online competition.

All packages also include audits of the site’s meta data, as well as keyword research and mapping. They implement the necessary corrections after all audits and research.


The company is fully focused on delivering excellent, comprehensive web design solutions, while valuing the demands of their client. I think these things really matter for online businesses especially today that they’re looking for affordable, yet reliable solutions for all their needs. I believe this quality will help clients generate excellent results. And with that, their packages come with my highest recommendations.