Different Cultures, One Home

Home has different meanings in different cultures. What might be home to another may not be so to their neighbors. A closer look at the set-up of houses in different countries can give a lot of insights about their culture. Though vast oceans and high mountains separate these countries, there is something that connects and binds them all.


Perhaps one of the first things your eyes will ever set upon as soon you arrive in Singapore is one high-rise building after another. The country makes use of its limited space by constructing public housing all across the city. These high rise building are so prevalent that it’s uncommon to see private housing in urban areas Commonly known as HDB—after the Housing and Development Board—where about 85% of Singapore residents live.

One poignant feature of HDBs is they give you a clearer sense of a community. Thin walls and narrow corridors characterize a typical wing of an HDB. Residents can easily hear whatever their neighbor is doing; similar to traditional camp communities. This close proximity builds an invisible bond among the residents.


Like most South American countries, Spanish culture has a heavy influence on homes in modern Peru. Sprawling verandas and large, open living spaces are some of the most common features of a Peruvian home. The country, however, prides itself with another facet of its culture that is closely tied to their ancient roots—the love for food. This is the reason kitchens in Peru are put in high regard. Some families even prefer doing their familial activities in their pantries rather than in their living rooms.


The US is a fusion of different cultures around the world. Be it Mediterranean, Oriental, or Scandinavian—you name it; an American home will always have a little bit of something. This is because when immigrants came to live in the US, they carried a piece of their country of origin with them. Their eclectic tastes in home living have brought forth what we know today as a typical American household, diverse and dynamic.

Security is a significant part of a modern American home. In various states, households typically use ADT security systems to enhance their home protection. Most homeowners get these essential devices only from ADT authorized dealers because they give the best directions for proper systems usage. With the help of modern technology, they can learn more about home security online.

Home is more than just a concept; it is a way of living. Though these countries have different cultures, one concept still rings true—home is family and family means home.