Choosing the Perfect Necklace

Accessories such as earrings, bracelets and necklaces are great ways to personalize your style and complete an outfit. You can have the most elegant dress in the world, but without proper accessories, it may look boring. On the other hand, you can have the simplest outfit, but with just the right choice of accessories, you can look stunning and beautiful.

It’s important to choose the right accessories. The necklace is important for putting the final touch on your outfit. Too often, women spend more time pairing a necklace carefully with their wardrobe without thinking if it fits the shape of their face. With so many styles available in some local stores like DirectBuy of Brooklyn and Queens, it can be difficult to choose the appropriate necklace not just to enhance your outfit, but also to improve your overall appearance.

With a bit of beauty knowledge and creativity, you will quickly be on your way to finding the right necklaces that will perfectly fit your outfit and face shape.

For Round or Full Face

The principle goes like this: the more you repeat the same shape, the more you emphasize it. Avoid choosing round necklaces, but instead use accessories that fall below your collar bone such as those with large links or small gemstones. Chokers and short styles are not a good choice, as it will only highlight the roundness of your face.

For Heart-Shaped Face

When visiting stores like DirectBuy in Brooklyn and Queens, look for chokers or shorter necklaces, as it works best for heart-shaped faces. Accessories with dangling pendant are also good choices to soften or diminish the sharp angle of your chin. Remember not to choose necklaces with pointed pendants.

For Oval Face

You don’t have to worry too much about the selection of necklaces if you have an oval-shaped face. You’re very lucky, as your face is very proportionate and you can wear most styles. But you can make a statement by wearing necklaces with large, bold-colored gemstones or a playful mix of stones.

There are hundreds of necklaces available in the market. Simple or sophisticated, bold or fancy, the right choice of necklace will compliment your outfit and face shape. Click this if you’re looking for a store offering a range of good, quality necklaces.