How to File a 2290 Heavy Use Tax Form

Businesses characterized by frequent road use must pay Heavy Use Tax also known as HVUT. The Federal Government asks for HVUT taxes to distribute among the states for US highway maintenance and construction. If you own a commercial vehicle weighing 55,000 lbs. or more, you are required to fill out and file a tax form 2290 annually and pay the Heavy Use Tax. Here are a few steps to help you fill out and file your Heavy Use Tax.

Fill Out the Form

Get an IRS form 2290. These tax forms can be picked up from any IRS office. Fill one out online or download and print a blank form with instructions.

When you fill out the 2290 tax form, don’t worry. The form’s instructions are user-friendly and self-explanatory. You can fill one out yourself minus the additional expenses of accounting services.

Go to the IRS

Bring the completed form with you to a nearby IRS office, as well full payment or proof of EFTPS payment. The IRS does not allow split payments with submissions. You should file a form 2290 heavy use tax by paying in full.

If you haven’t used EFTPS direct debit, make a personal or business check payable to “United States Treasury.” Wait for the tax form to be stamped and returned to you before you leave the office.

Keep Your Processed Tax Form

Remember to keep your stamped tax form 2290. Sometimes requests are made to show proof of payment. It happens. If you don’t want to leave your form 2290 pending for a long time, don’t file it through postal mail. This method takes a number of weeks to process and you won’t be able to use a current, stamped document to lease, license, or insure a truck.

The IRS encourages and advises all taxpayers to file taxes electronically. Filing electronically improves tax processing, reduces processing and preparation errors, and saves personal and financial resources like time and money spent on postage.