Make Money from Your Junk Car

All cars have value, even those that are old and scrappy. If you’re still keeping a junk car in your garage, you’re missing out on earning a good deal of money out of it. There are three ways to turn junk cars into cash. You can sell it at once, salvage it to get the usable or valuable parts, or send it to a junk car recycling company. Read on to learn about these earning opportunities.

Sell It at Once

Your junk car eats up space in your yard. Why not sell it at once to earn quick cash? It only takes one call to remove it from your yard. Do some research or ask your friends if you’re not familiar with the junk car selling scheme. Junk car buyers will provide a valuation for your old vehicle. They will send someone to tow the car from your home to the junk site.

Salvage It

This is a good option if you’re dealing with a salvaged car. This means the vehicle sustained serious damages and you find no resale value in it. You can still earn from a salvaged car by selling the scrap metals. Scrap prices depend on the value of your car’s metal type. Most scrap yards pay based on the metal’s weight. Look for a buyer who offers the best value for your scrap metals.

Recycle It

There’s a big possibility that your junk car still has usable or valuable parts. Sell it to a recycler and make money from usable parts, such as battery, wheels and tires, steering columns, fenders, radio, and engine parts.

Don’t let your old car rot. If there’s no way to repair it, then it’s time to sell it. Find out which option will give you the most money. Contact a reputable junk cars for cash company to get a free quote.