Zimmerman Case Verdit ‘Questionable’ Says Powell

trayvonFormer Secretary of State, Colin Powell has said that the court verdict in the Trayvon Martin murder case that cleared the accused, George Zimmerman of all charges is ‘questionable’ and urged President Barack Obama to talk more on the racism issue during an interview broadcasted on Sunday.

Discuss Racial Injustice

The first black chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff added that while the Martin case might soon become a thing of past, Obama and other presidents have the responsibility to address the issue of the history of racial injustice in the nation at the earliest.

Speaking on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s famous speech ‘I Have a Dream’, Powell said that had King been present, he would have congratulated the country for all the progress it had made, but would have also commented that there is still much more to be done as the task is not fully completed.