Solar Credits Program: Encouraging Australians to Use Solar Power

To address problems on climate change and encourage people to use alternative sources of energy, the Australian government created a solar credit program. Customers installing solar panels in Victoria, Sydney and other parts of the country can enjoy discounts on eligible small-scale solar panels.

Who Can Benefit From Solar Credits

Anyone can receive Solar Credits. To support homeowners, organizations, and small businesses, the government doesn’t perform means test on interested parties. Schools can also benefit from this program.

While anyone can receive Solar Credits, you should first meet certain requirements to do so.

What are the Eligible Premises for Solar Credits

Only certain premises are qualified for Solar Credits. According to the regulations, houses, townhouses, residential flats, and shops qualify for this program.

-House. A house is an eligible premise but a home office or an outbuilding built on the land where the house is aren’t qualified for this program.

-Residential Flat and Townhouses. Townhouses and flats located in a retirement village can apply for Solar Credits. A room in an assisted living facility, such as a nursing home, isn’t eligible for Solar Credits. Additionally, a business operating in a flat, or townhouse isn’t eligible for discounts.

– A business operating in a location that covers more than one lot can only for single eligible site. For example, your business address is 12-21 Smith Avenue. The government will only consider one eligible premises.

How Far Should You Be from a Main Grid

Only small-scale solar panels can receive solar credits. Your panels must meet any of the following criteria

– The system is 1 kilometre (or farther) away from a main grid.

– If your solar panel is less than a kilometre from the main grid, you should submit a letter from your local service provider stating that connecting to the main grid will cost you more than $30,000

Can You Receive Solar Credits if You Install the Panels Yourself?

To save on costs, some customers would buy from a solar panel supplier and install the panels themselves. Doing this will disqualify you from receiving Solar Credits. To benefit from Solar Credits, CEC accredited installers should sign your credits.

Help conserve the environment and save on energy costs. Install solar panels for your properties in Sydney.