Lech Walesa Honored Via New Polish Film

walesaLech Walesa, the Polish solidarity leader has as good as fallen from grace in the eyes of his countrymen. However, Oscar-winning filmmaker and long-time friend of Walesa, Andrzej Wajda says that he would like to reestablish his friend as Poland’s hero through his latest movie venture, which he has called as the ‘hardest of his life’.

Walesa – Man of Hope

The film, Walesa – Man of Hope is the last part of a Polish trilogy that portrays how worker disillusionment with communism led to the demise of the system. The movie will also chart out the events of Walesa’s life, right from his days as a regular worker to the time of violent food protests that saw him grow as a strike leader to ultimately the days when he became a national hero and an international statesman who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1983.

The world premiere of the movie will be held during the 70th Venice Film Festival next week.