Wedding Albums: Wonderful Keepsakes of a Special Day

An album is more than a collection of images of special events and candid moments of everyday life. It’s also a treasure trove of memories, which you can go back to and refresh your memory anytime. This is what a wedding album should embody. It must serve as a touching reminder of the day you and your loved one pledged your love to each other in front of your family and friends.

Enhance the beauty of the photos with an elegantly designed album. Your wedding album must be well crafted to frame memories of your big day. Represent the beautiful memories with the following options for your wedding album design needs:

Album Covers

This is the first thing you’ll see when you hold your album. The album cover usually frames a starter photo. This can be an image of you and your loved one, a wedding souvenir, or a generic wedding symbol such as two bells or two doves. You can also choose to engrave your names on the cover and the date of your wedding. Others prefer not to place adornments on the cover for a modest appeal.

Simple and Clean Look

White is a color that represents simplicity. Use this as the primary color of your album’s background to make the images’ hues pop. You can also alternate with black to distinguish wedding photos from those taken in the reception party. The placement of pictures in chronological order is also another feature. This enables the viewers to look at the images from the start to the end of the wedding ceremony and reception.

Picture Backgrounds

For a dramatic effect, wedding album organizers can choose specific backgrounds that fit a set of images. Wedding photos with dark backgrounds can use a black-and-white photo of a swan as backdrop. An image can also take a full page in the album. This type of design calls for creative shots, however. Filters and angular shots are just some examples of the images you can place in this type of album.

Thematic Designs

The theme of your wedding or the colors themselves can be the focus of the album. This is suitable for weddings where the couple needs to dress up in period costumes or other ensemble. Many of the pictures will display images of the couple and the entourage in full costume.

Check out your options with album designers who can provide a customized arrangement of your wedding photos. Inquire about different wedding album design services available to preserve the memories of your special day.