Fort Hood Victims Shaken By Navy Yard Rampage

navyVictims of the Fort Hood attack that had occurred nearly five years back in 2009 were shaken to hear the news of another similar assault at the Washington Navy Yard. This time the crime was perpetrated by a former Navy reservist who fired at office workers in an atrium from a balcony above.

It was the cold-blooded murder of innocents on military grounds in both the incidents that shook the Fort Hood victims who said that even by just hearing the news, they felt as if they were experiencing a déjà vu.

Victims Stunned to the Bone

One victim, Kathy Platoni who lost several friends in the Fort Hood case, said that after hearing the Washington shooting news, she felt that it was surreal and was ‘stunned to the bone’. Another victim, Keely Cahill commented that the relatives of the dead would have to undergo a very excruciating time as they await more information, just as she had done for her father who was killed in the Fort Hood attack.

Authorities said that the motive of the attack, which occurred at 8:20am in the heart of the nation’s capital, just four miles from the White House and two from the Capitol, still is shrouded in a mystery. Mayor Vincent Gray said that initial probe did not point towards a terrorist attack, although that reason has not been ruled out yet.