It Won’t Start: Common Engine Problems Car Owners Face

checking engine oilYou’re running late for work, but you’re confident that you will make it on time because, well, you have a car. Things, however, don’t go as well as planned because the engine won’t start! You start murmuring words of disappointment and worrying about what your boss will say the moment you step into the office. You even start giving threats, as if the car’s a person, that you will junk the auto in New York for cash if it doesn’t work. Before you finally let the frustration take over, why not find out the main reason behind this problem. Below is a rundown of the biggest engine problems commonly experienced.

Bad Gas

With that rattling and knocking noise in the engine, you already know that it’s bad gas. A bad gas mix usually happens when the car gets air, but no fuel, or the other way around. It may also happen because the fuel system might be supplying an amount of fuel that creates bad combustion. Another reason is that there’s something that contaminated the gasoline like water or dirt.

Insufficient Compression

Combustion is important to make the car move. To make it happen, the charge of oil and fuel should be compressed properly. If this is the problem, the common cause may be the defective piston rings. Other reasons include improperly sealed intake or exhaust valves and a hole or damage in the cylinder. Sometimes, damage in the cylinder can negatively affect the whole engine system that you have to bring the car immediately to a mechanic, or worse, to a company that offers cash for defective cars in New York.

Weak Spark

This is also what causes the car not to work. This may be due to the following reasons: the spark plug or its wire is already defective; there are missing wires, or the ignition switch is not working. Other causes include faulty ignition modules and ignition timing being turned off.

Car problems like these may seem trivial and easy to solve at first, but sometimes, these are only an indication of a bigger problem. If you think that problem has become irreparable, look for companies like Junk A Car.