Wall Removals: Shifting from Closed to Open Floor Design

One of the classic trends in home design is an open floor plan. The style features fewer interior walls, virtually merging the living spaces, kitchen, and dining areas. It remains popular today since its inception during the 1980s. It’s the floor plan of choice of many modern families, especially those living in a narrow lot.

An open floor plan is beneficial in many ways. If you currently have a closed floor design, you no longer need to buy and move into a whole new property to give your home a new look. Perth wall removal experts can help you get rid of your interior walls in an efficient manner. This way, you can enjoy the great features of an open floor plan with minimal disruption to your everyday household activity.

open floorIllusion of Space

An open home design makes small and narrow spaces look larger. It makes the floor space seem more expansive, thus helping you feel more comfortable at home. As fewer walls mean more room indoors, you can maximise your entire floor space and make use of the areas formerly occupied by the interior walls. In most cases, a large interior space is the key for a convenient living.

Better View of Things

The absence of interior walls gives you a clear view of the surroundings. You can watch over your kids in the living room while cooking dinner. Replace some portions of your house’s sidings with glass incorporates the outdoors as part of the scenery. You also no longer need to build a patio to enjoy the spectacular view outside the house.

Larger Room for Many Uses

An open floor plan also inspires closer family ties. Without interior walls, interacting with other members of the family is much easier and more convenient. In many instances, walls act as barriers to socialise with your family at home.

Wall removal is a delicate matter, though. It pays to hire professionals with extensive experience and who use an innovative approach to make sure the job is done properly and safely. They also check for structural damage on other parts of the house such as chimneys and fireplaces. They can provide excellent lintel replacement services to solve such issues. With their services, you can get tailored solution for your wall removal projects and enjoy the great features of an open home design.