Teen Killer Of 2 Found On Vegas Strip

A teenager from the Las Vegas area who has been accused of butchering his mother and younger brother with a knife was under the US and Mexican border police’s radar since long. The boy was finally arrested on Wednesday as he was sitting alone in a food court on the Las Vegas Strip.

tenAn unidentified tipster gives it away

The identity of the teenager, Adrian Navarro-Canales was given away by an unidentified tipster, who recognized the boy from media reports. The tipster then passed the information to the Henderson police and informed them that the 16-year-old was sitting in a food court at the Showcase Mall.

Police spokesman, Keith Paul said that Navarro-Canales made no resistance when the police took him into custody at about 10:30 am. Paul added that the boy was sitting at a table and two detectives simply walked up and arrested him.

Navarro-Canales has now been booked into juvenile detention.