The Guide to Buying Loose Diamonds Online

round diamondsIndeed, diamonds are a lady’s best friend. Diamonds have that charm other gemstones just don’t have.

Decades ago, diamonds were only available in few jewelers. During that time, only the affluent can get diamonds. Soon after, diamond jewelry shops increased in number. Fake diamonds, however are becoming rampant as well.

Even online marketplaces now offer diamond products. Today, the trend in the diamond market has come down to authenticity. Nevertheless, by following a few precautions considered, purchasing loose diamonds online can be safe and easy.

Go to the Authentic and Pro-Customer

The first thing to do when buying diamonds online is to make sure that the seller is authentic. How long has the business been running? Time is a good indicator of the business’s stability and genuineness. How is the company’s reputation? What other people say about the company indicates how the company performs. Research online to check the company’s background. Most customers speak up, and it’s easy to spot which dealers are legit and not on the Internet.

It is best to deal with a company that thinks about its customers. Ideally, the seller must have 24/7 customer support. Other pro-customer services are also beneficial. Some companies offer buyback options, free shipping deals, up-gradation guarantees, and return policies. You can also check the customer care of a seller by looking at reviews and customer feedback about dealing with the company.

Make sure that the company provides certificates of authenticity for their products. Loose diamonds should have two certificates: clarity and originality. If the seller does not give these certificates, look for another seller.

What Diamonds Must Have

Evaluate the diamond products before buying loose diamonds. Think of the four Cs: cut clarity, color, and carat. Cut refers to the craftsmanship, the preciseness of the diamond piece. Excellent craftsmanship creates a more sparkly and brilliant diamond. Clarity is the purity of the cut. Less is more in this department. Color means the tint of the diamond piece. Diamonds that are white are graded higher than yellowish diamonds. Lastly, carat is the weight and size of the diamond.

Some buyers consider another C: cost. All the other four Cs contributes to cost, especially carat. Nevertheless, loose diamonds up for sale online are priced lower generally than the ones in jewelry shops, making the cost less of a concern.

Other Tips

Those interested can also buy diamonds in large quantities. Wholesale purchases of loose diamonds are cost-effective as prices drop when buyers get many items. If there is a need for more diamonds, buying wholesale is the practical option. Online sellers offer wholesale purchases as well. When buying in bulk, buyers should understand the four Cs of diamonds well and compute the reasonable price.

Online transactions are safe as long as the seller is legit and trusted. If the payment method seems suspicious, look another seller. Research on loose diamond dealers online for more information. Check on the backgrounds of these companies and understand their terms and conditions.