Furniture Glossary 101: Seating

seating furnitureSeating is an all-encompassing term for furniture pieces that can be used as a chair, but that’s not the only thing you can use them for. Whether you’re decorating your home or looking for a certain missing piece from any Orange County furniture store, here is a glossary for one of the favorites in furniture: Seating.


Benches are considered the simplest of furniture. They are usually backless, multi-person seats that date back to the beginning of man. Although chairs and couches get all the attention in the furniture world, benches are multi-purpose and meet the many decorating needs of a household.

Chaise Longue

This French term literally means long chair. Typically, a chaise is a backed chair, upholstered with an elongated seating area and exposed legs. Many refer to this beautiful piece of furniture as chaise “lounge,” which is actually a mispronunciation of “longue.” This pronunciation error goes all the way back to the 1850s, and today both are deemed correct. This type of seating resembles a daybed, except that it features a headrest on one end. It can either have a backrest or not.


An ottoman features a padded, upholstered bench or seat, without arms and a back. This piece of furniture is pretty versatile. Great for small spaces, it can be used as a stool, footstool, or stand-in coffee table. Some are even designed to be used as storage too. It is often sold in a set with accompanying armchairs. Other popular terms for ottomans include pouffes, tuffets, footstools, and hassocks.


A settee is shorter than a sofa but longer than a loveseat. This quaint seat or bench is still long enough to accommodate more than two people. You’ll find most settees’ back and arms made of upholstered fabric and carved wood. This piece of furniture was all the rage in the 17th century, but it can be found in most mid-century houses today.

Chairs have been in existence since the Early Dynastic Period of Egypt. They were made of carved wood and either covered with leather or cloth. It wasn’t only until the 16th century that chairs became common, and to this day, they still present a certain emblem of authority. Decorate your home with any of the beautifully designed cheap furniture pieces from Daniels furniture stores in Orange County, and exhibit an air of authority in design.