Ex – Policeman Fires At US Courthouse, Killed

A retired policeman who was armed with an assault weapon and a handgun fired up to two rounds at a US courthouse in West Virginia on Wednesday. However, the police returned fired and killed the ex-cop before he could do more damage, said the authorities.

The Accused

excopThe accused has been identified as 55 year old Thomas J. Piccard, a resident of Bridgeport, Ohio who was a retired Wheeling police officer. The man was identified by the Wheeling Police Chief, Shawn Schwertferger.

Schwertferger did not mention whether Piccard had used both the weapons in his possession to carry out the firing on the Wheeling Federal Building. At present, officials are unclear about the motive of the attack and have no knowledge of any note being left behind by the attacker. Schwertferger added that three on duty security officers were injured by debris flying from the onslaught.

Piccard was a 20 year old veteran of the Wheeling force who had retired some 13 years ago.