Wedding Photo Albums: Choosing “The One”

I was her, she was me
We were one we were free
And if there’s somebody calling me on
She’s the one

~ Robbie Williams

wedding photo albumWeddings don’t happen every day. This is why a lot of planning goes into such a special event joining the hearts of two people in love. Most forget that moments are fleeting, and all those memorable and beautiful little gestures that might escape you are usually captured and preserved by your wedding photographer. There is no better way of looking back at those special moments than with a great wedding photo album. Albums preserving memories of a couple’s happy day are an absolute wedding essential.

Contemporary wedding albums are endlessly customizable. You can choose among flush mount, matted, and various other album designs with different types of paper and finishes. Here are a few types of common wedding album designs preferred by couples everywhere.

Matted Albums

Whether you are thinking of getting a seamless, customized flush mount album, traditional matted album, or funky magazine-style album for your wedding, you’ll be able to show off all those happy moments. Matted is the most popular option for traditional wedding albums. These types of albums come partially assembled. Pictures are attached to every page by delicately placing them in a beveled mat. A mat frames the image for better presentation. It also protects the picture from making direct contact with other images that might spoil the prints. The mat is then attached to photo album’s page.

Flush Mount Albums

Flush mount albums are similar to traditional wedding albums, consisting of bound pages. Fabric, leather, paper, or digital images are components that make up its cover. Every page has photographs mounted onto card stock. The flush mount album’s name comes from the edge of the print flushed against the very edge of the page. This makes your wedding pictures look seamless and visible.

Magazine Style Albums

This type of album has flush-mounted, digitally produced images that are bound and covered by leather, vinyl, fabric, metal, leather, or digital imagery. You’ll find magazine style albums to be true to its name in showcasing magazine-style layouts. There are two to eight images per page, with a distinct storyboard style and effects for visual interest.

Hiring a talented, professional photographer is equally important for capturing all those beautiful moments between family, friends, loved ones, and you two as a newly wedded couple.