Basic HVAC Maintenance Tips

hvac repairMany people take their home appliances for granted, not caring if it’s clean and letting it run for long hours. When you’re living in an area with extreme temperatures like Utah, you can’t have a broken HVAC system – especially during the sweltering summer afternoons and freezing winter nights. This is why it is important to have basic knowledge on maintaining an HVAC system.


Schedule a regular cleaning routine for your HVAC, from the area around the vent to the air filters. Keep dust away from the HVAC system and the area around it as much as possible, as this obstructs the cooling system.

Many have the wrong idea that HVAC systems work through pumping cold air into the room. Instead, the system sucks in warm air from the area and recycles it to cool air. This cycle exposes the filters to dust as long as the system is on. Over time, the dust accumulates and impedes the performance of the furnace apart from fraying the entire system. Learn the type of air filter you have, if it’s cleanable or disposable. A good alternative to disposable filters is the use of electrostatic air filters. These are washable and reusable, cutting the cost of total maintenance over time.


There are instances when you can’t detect what’s wrong with the HVAC or you can’t clean the entire machine. If this is the case, consult an HVAC expert in an area near you. These pros know which parts of the system require cleaning, repair, or replacement.

There are many companies that offer HVAC system repair services in Herriman and other areas in Utah. Be sure to deal only with reputable and experienced service providers to get the best results.


Any machine running 24/7 will go through wear and tear rapidly. Make sure that you give your HVAC system some rest occasionally to extend its service life. When it’s hot, you could close the blinds to lessen the incoming heat. Opening the blinds during winter is a good option to let sunlight in and reduce your heating costs. There are also other options such as window tinting and drapes to ease the work your HVAC system does.

It’s frustrating when the AC breaks down and you have to endure the intense heat or cold. This is why knowing how to maintain your HVAC system is important to avoid these instances. This way, you can extend the overall service life of your system.