Floating on Air: Anti-Gravity Yoga for Exercise

anti-gravity yogaDefying gravity with an exercise routine seem impossible, unless you’re an acrobat. But anti-gravity yoga, one of the innovations to the centuries-old practice, is becoming more popular each day. Everyone can try it, whether you’re a beginner or a veteran at performing the Half Moon or the Resting Monkey pose.

With anti-gravity yoga, you can try different positions in a more flexible manner. This is because you’re free to move without the ground preventing you from twisting around. The hammock will support you, as you try to perform upside-down movements, for example. Check out how aerial yoga training will help you achieve your personal health goals. Your trainer can advise you about it, especially if you’re looking for new routines.

Yoga for Better Health

According to many health specialists, yoga can strengthen your body and enhance its flexibility. This is evident through the poses you perform at each session. People having problems with controlling anxiety also benefit from regular yoga. The gentle physical poses, including the deep breathing exercises and meditation promote relaxation.

Yoga is also good for relieving different health conditions. Patients with arthritis, back pain, and hypertension found yoga to manage their symptoms. It also helps if you have a physical handicap. Chair yoga, for instance, can be good exercise you can perform even if you’re on a wheelchair. You have to check with your fitness trainer if yoga is indeed good for your routine, though. People at risk, such as pregnant women and those who have gone through a stroke should be more careful.

Different Yoga Styles

Anti-gravity yoga is only one discipline you can try. It has a lot of strength training, as you’ll be strengthening your muscles to complete different poses. Research more about the health benefits from using the anti-gravity hammock from experienced specialists. They will help you balance your fitness routine with moves that can fortify your weak areas.

Solve your inability to lift yourself on your own with the hammock. Try different athletic poses that constitute a full-body workout. The trainer overseeing the session also include a few minutes of meditation before or after the session. Check out different yoga poses you can do with aerial yoga.

This way, you’ll be able to find the right yoga gym to sign up.