The Three Basic Areas of IT Service Management

it management servicesInformation technology (IT) service management refers to the way technology is applied to the day-to-day operations of business organizations. It focuses on growth and value, effective communication, and optimization of IT budgets. ITSM also deals with tracking and managing risks that the organization has taken and avoided.

Managing IT services requires the same management skills in handling any other organizational unit, but with a few adjustments. The following are the three basic areas of IT service management:


The implementation of IT service management is based on industry-standard best-practice frameworks. Such frameworks provide organizations with information on how to manage IT services. The ITIL (IT Infrastructure Services Library), for example, offers a customizable framework of best practices to ensure the delivery of quality service. It also helps organizations to overcome the challenges that come with the development of IT systems.


The second area involves tools or software used to analyze data regarding costs, benefits and risks. The use of these tools should align with the objectives of the organization. IT service management tool is important as it ensures efficient business operation while generating accurate reports that can help inform key business decisions. There are different IT service management tools available in the market today. Choose one that is flexible enough to support IT and non-IT service needs of all departments. It should meet the organizational flows by configuration and without the need for customization, which can usually add to the company’s expenses.


The third area deals with management, which communicates the technologies and policies across all departments. This involves the definition of guidelines, accountability, and other control mechanisms. IT control ensures that the information technology used by an organization is running as planned. It also makes sure that data is consistent and that the company complies with relevant regulations.

IT service management helps not only in creating a well-structured IT department but also in satisfying the needs of the customers. With an effective IT service management in place, businesses should be able to simplify their workflow and in turn, provide efficient services.