Hope For Saudi Women Behind Wheels

The last time women in Saudi Arabia campaigned for the right to drive, it was a little more than two years ago. Now, once again the activists are urging Saudi women to get behind the wheels with the hope that the reforms made by the monarchy in the two years would have prepared the otherwise deeply conservative nation for such changes.

Cautious Saudi King

hopeTrue, the Saudi King Abdullah has made some reforms in the Saudi society, but these changes have come with a lot of caution and with the wariness against pushing the influential ultraconservatives too hard. Nevertheless, given that the country adheres strictly to the Islamic principles, calling it Wahhabism, these small changes also appear very significant.

One immediate sign of the effect of resounding reforms brought about by the King is the loudness with which the conservatives in Saudi opposed the drive campaign on Saturday. Not only did some 150 odd clerics rally outside the king’s palace, but some even took to the social media to attack the activists.