Achieving Pearly Whites with Zoom Teeth Whitening Procedure

teeth whiteningMany Australians are suffering from a number of dental issues. Perhaps you know a friend or family who has crooked teeth, gap, missing teeth, or yellow or stained teeth. One of the worst drawbacks of these conditions is they tend to make the person less confident about themselves. They can hardly smile nor laugh freely and comfortably.

Thanks to modern dental treatments, people with less than perfect set of pearly whites have the chance to achieve a brighter smile and rebuild their lost self-esteem. Stained and yellowish teeth are among the most common dental issues many patients face today. Dental discolouration is common in people who smoke tobacco, drink caffeine-rich and dark coloured beverages, and eat processed food with great amounts of artificial colouring. While others point out that yellowing of teeth is part of natural aging, dentists offering teeth whitening in Perth believe there are innovative dental solutions that could combat these problems.

Zoom Teeth Whitening Treatment

Zoom teeth whitening is one of the most advanced treatments for dental patients with yellow and stained teeth. This procedure gives you the benefit of getting whiter teeth without undergoing extensive or invasive treatments. The procedure lasts for only 90 minutes; you can go home with a huge difference in your teeth and smile.

The teeth whitening procedure uses high-intensity light that works to oxidise a special gel. Once the gel is oxidised, it spreads on the enamel and penetrates the surface of the teeth. The gel will get rid of the stains and coloured impurities on your teeth – much like the bleaching process. It may successfully eliminate discolouration, which is caused by coffee, tea, and red wine staining. The same is true with unsightly spots caused by cigarette smoking. Most dentists recommend a routine cleaning session before undergoing the Zoom whitening. This is to make the teeth thoroughly cleaned so the whitening treatment would work more efficiently.

Whitening Results

The result would typically vary from person to person, but most patients end up having teeth that are several shades whiter. Another great thing about the Zoom whitening procedure is it doesn’t cause any damage to the surface and other parts of the tooth. It’s safe to your lips and gums; your dentist will cover them before the treatment for protection.

Take-Home Kits for Maintenance

Your Perth dentist may also offer take-home whitening kits to maintain the brightness of your pearly whites. These kits include trays that are custom-made for you. You may need to wear these trays a few hours daily for more efficient maintenance. Your dentist may also tell you to minimise smoking cigarettes and drinking dark-coloured liquids, such as coffee and red wine.

Zoom teeth whitening is a highly efficient treatment that helps people achieve not only whiter and brighter smiles, but greater confidence. Thanks to this teeth whitening technology, you can flash that smile proudly and confidently. Who knows, a brighter and whiter smile could be your way to finding your dream job, or perhaps, your true love.