Contemporary Rustic: Modern Take on Familiar Designs

rustic home designWith rapid urban development comes greater need for space-savvy dwellings. Ironically, modern homes with rustic design are the ones gaining resurgence today. Perhaps, people are becoming more in touch with the country life, or they might just want something that deviates from the norm. Whatever the reason may be, contemporary rustic is popular today.

The design concept has been around for quite some time now. Particularly in places such as Utah and New York, families have and are still discovering the benefits of having modern facilities and furnishings that have a touch of the countryside.

Still, there are more to this aesthetic style than what is commonly held. Homeowners should know what wonders a reliable Salt Lake City fireplace and other rustic designs tweaks can do to their homes.

Wood and Glass

Contemporary rustic is primarily known for employing wooden materials as its design base. Now, designers are also using glass to augment the aesthetics of their conceptual designs. Both materials give off an elegant, polished look to any home. Combine them together and they’ll be a sight to behold.

Space Solutions

Limited living spaces are the concern of many American families. Some are forced to redesign and renovate their homes to create more living spaces. In contemporary rustic houses, however, space is not an issue. As you can use and move wooden panels to separate adjacent rooms, making some areas available become relatively easier. If you are planning to construct home extensions, you can even install wooden flooring without much trouble and expenses.

Life through Texture

Another poignant feature of contemporary rustic designs is texture. As all the materials are natural-looking and textured, it gives a home a lively atmosphere. Compared to designs with monotonous slabs of concrete, every rustic home exudes a distinct and unique character.

Cozy Home

Almost every family in Utah will agree that a good fireplace design can add life to an otherwise drab interior. It’s because the very nature of a fireplace, be it wood, gas, or electric, is to be the source of heat to particular sections of the home. It provides warmth and comfort to the resident and gives just the right ambience any family needs in their contemporary rustic homes.

Some styles never go out of fashion. They will manifest in form or another through the years. As people still hold the beauty of living in the countryside, contemporary rustic design is sure to remain a common fixture.