Dinosaur Older Than T-Rex Found In Utah

Experts recently revealed a new dinosaur older than the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Its skeleton was found in Utah four years ago. This proved that the T-Rex is 10 million years younger than previously believed.dinosaur

First display

The skeletal replica of the creature was displayed at the Natural History Museum of Utah. A 3D model of its head and a painted mural accompanied the display. This was the first time the discovery was made public.

Paleontologists have named the new creature Lythronax argeste. The first part means “king of gore” while the second name came from one of the Greek poet Homer’s works.

Perspective Changer

The discovery of the skeleton from the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument changed the view of scientists as to how the T-Rex and other dinosaurs have evolved. This newly found specimen was smaller than the T-Rex, but similar to its anatomy.

A team of paleontologists from the Bureau of Land Management found and dug the bones of the creature.