Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall: Year-Round Lawn Maintenance Tips

lawn maintenanceA beautiful and well-maintained lawn improves the appearance and increases the value of your home. Keeping your lawn healthy, however, is an ongoing process. Other than pruning and watering the grass daily, you also need to use the right methods depending on the time of the year. Follow these tips to keep your lawn healthy all-year round.


To protect your lawn during the coldest months, landscaping companies suggest to avoiding walking on it in the frosty periods. Stepping on it can leave black marks where the grass will eventually break or die. You should also brush snow off tress and branches to prevent breakage. Winter is also a good time to start thinking about the spring by ordering new seeds and plants.


Treat your lawn once the snow melts. Remove accumulated debris from the last season such as sticks and twigs. Lay down new seeds if some parts of your lawn have been damaged. Water the lawn regularly to bring your grass back to life. You also need to apply fertilizer and herbicides to keep the weeds out of your lawn. Early spring is a good time for turf laying as the risk of frost is lower. It is also an ideal time for sowing seeds because the soil warms up and there is usually enough water to assist in germination.


During summer, the grass is at its most stressed. This is why you should avoid operations such as scarifying or aerating. To keep your lawn looking green in dry weather, use an irrigation system or a garden hose to water it. Moreover, avoid cutting your lawn grass more than two inches. When the grass is too short, your lawn may dry out as the grass can’t protect soil and roots from the sun.


Fall is the season for lawn renovations. This is also the time to fertilize your lawn in preparation for the winter season. Adding fertilizer can make your lawn stay healthy and come back quicker in the spring. Another good maintenance tip for the fall is to make your grass blades a little shorter than the usual. The shorter grass will not get damaged by snow in the coming months. Moreover, don’t forget to clean the yard by raking leaves, removing debris, and emptying flower pots.

Always remember that a beautiful lawn doesn’t grow on its own. You need to take care of it all year round to make it look healthy and a pleasure to the eyes. Getting landscaping and lawn care services is also important to enhance the look of your lawn.