Home Building: Top Exterior Siding Options

choosing sidingThe siding of your house is like the clothes you wear. Choosing a St. Louis siding material depends on the statement you want to make, along with your location and budget. Unlike clothes, however, you can’t change siding materials easily. Even though you can change colors and accessories depending on the material you’ve chosen, most people take the “one-and-done” approach to the exterior of their house.

If you’re one of these people, and you don’t want to repaint or restain your siding, consider these exterior siding options:

Horizontal Lap

Often made of wood, aluminum, vinyl, or fiber cement, this common siding option offers a finish in an unlimited range of colors. It’s also suitable for colonial or traditional homes, as it works well with simple equilateral and symmetrical designs.

Board and Batten

Often made of wood and fiber cement, this siding option is also suitable for traditional homes. As such, it can create a comfortable and rural-inspired look when combined with horizontal lap siding on the same exterior. Unlike the lines of horizontal lap siding, board and batten siding emphasizes the vertical lines, creating visually taller homes.


Often made of vinyl or polymer, wood, and fiber cement, this siding option is suitable for traditional homes, with a rustic or craftsman feel.

Wood Strip

Often used as flat, horizontal siding, you can use this siding option in a tongue-and-groove design. When installing wood strip siding, have a continuous waterproof membrane behind. The water that accumulates behind the wall will damage the interior of the house otherwise.

Fiber Cement

When used as large sheets, this siding option creates a flat, uniform surface design with shadow lines where the panels meet. The result tends to suit contemporary homes more, but you can also use the same approach in Prairie homes.

Learn about local exterior siding options before making a decision. For more information on siding options, contact local manufacturers and suppliers, or builders.