LeBron In Talks With Beckham Over MLS Team

NBA superstar LeBron James says he is in talks with David Beckham in bringing a Major League Soccer (MLS) franchise to Miami.

Business career

lebronThe 28 year old basketball superstar who won back to back NBA championships with Miami Heat and believes a football team would be popular in the city.

“David has become a good friend of mine,” James said. “There’s interest on both sides” to bring a soccer club to Miami.

As James diversifies his business career, investing in more ownership deals around Miami will certainly be analyzed as whether or not that means he stays with the Heat. It’s possible he likes the city and just wants to add to the sports scene he’s helped bring championship titles to.

Interest in soccer

James already owns a small stake in Premier League Club Liverpool as part of a partnership with the club’s owners, so his interest in owning a soccer team isn’t surprising.

James said he thinks Miami “is a great town for soccer.”

As for the team, Beckham has been searching locations throughout the city, including Marlins Park as a potential temporary base for the team.