Fine Dining: What Makes It Actually Special

quality fine dining experienceGoing to an upscale restaurant or a high-end venue for an event or function not only talks about the texture and the consistency of the ganache; you’re there for the company, the ambiance, and the experience. Fine dining, for those who lack appreciation, may seem overrated. It may sound impractical and out of place, but it’s one symbol of man’s appreciation for the exquisite and subtle things in life. If you still don’t get it, here are some of the things that make fine dining truly special.

The Service

Servers in a fine dining restaurant or an elite function hall are not very much like the staff in quick service cafés. The servers know what to do the moment they walk to your table. They’re intuitive, meaning, they can easily determine if your table is going to be intimate or less formal. Knowing the mood, they can easily give you service that is appropriate for you and your company. The servers are also trained to interact with customers who may have an affluent background.

When it comes to arranging your table and serving the courses, the servers are nearly obsessed with details. You will never notice how excellent their service is until you’re done with the last course. The staff knows that even the diminutive details can affect the overall dining experience, which is why they carry out seemingly mundane tasks, like filling the goblets with wine, with full effort.

The Environment

What can good food do if your environment is slack and disorganised? Restaurants and other venues for important occasions are places for social experience, and it’s just logical that they’re intelligently arranged. These places have a very welcoming atmosphere that is conducive to social interactions. For instance, tables are strategically placed not too far or not to close from each other to encourage private conversations without feeling isolation.

The Plating

Plating is also an important factor that makes fine dining special. Scrupulously chosen flatware, holloware, and stemware can affect the way you eat, regardless of how scrumptious your food is. Of course, the way your food looks is also a factor.

Fine dining is more than the Beef Wellington on your plate or the glass of wine from Bordeaux. It’s appreciation that can last a long time, especially if you dine out with good company.