A Dolphin’s Way Of Saying “Thank You”

It was a typical day for a group of fishermen at the coast of São Paolo, Brazil until their November 15 fishing trip turned into a rescue mission.

dolphinsAfter seeing a young dolphin caught in a plastic bag, they decided to help the little creature by getting a net and pulling it towards the boat. After a few tries, the dolphin was set free from the plastic bag and can now return to its habitat.


The fishermen involved were able to record the rescue mission. During their attempt, it’s quite noticeable how it’s struggling.

They’ve uploaded a two-minute video on YouTube, which gathered more than 400,000 views, 632 likes, and almost a hundred comments.

 Thank You

After the dolphin was released back into the ocean, it jumped out of joy. People who have watched the video have assumed that it’s its way of saying “thank you.” Even though the fishermen were using a different language, viewers were touched by their good deeds.

 There are also related cases where dolphins try to communicate with humans. Is this another sign to remind humanity that it needs to protect the ocean and the animals that rely on it?