No Fun, No Gain: Three Creative Ways to Get Fit

easy ways to get fitWith the fast pace of modern living, it’s not a surprise many people struggle to be fit. Everyone seems to have no time to go to the gym, or at least keep a healthy, active lifestyle. After all, nobody wants to set aside an hour or so just to punish themselves with boring workout routines. They’d rather spend their precious time and energy on other matters.

Being fit, however, doesn’t have to be boring and repetitive. There are several ways to get fit and have fun at the same time. Health enthusiasts and workout buffs have come up with some methods that’ll change your perspective on what it means to be healthy.

Check out some of these creative workout routines:

Spinning Sing-along

Dancing has always been affiliated with fitness. Just look at how popular Zumba and belly dancing are today. Having similar intensive aerobic routines and muscle toning movements, they’re fashionable alternatives to typical workout routines. But what if belting out tunes is more of your style?

Fortunately, a rising fitness trend is available for microphone hogs. Known as cycle karaoke or karaoke spin, the routine marries the rigors of cycling and the breathing requirements of singing into one. It improves breathing while allowing participants to strengthen their legs and gluteus muscles.

Jumping for Fitness

Trampolines used to be just a toy for kids. Now, even adults can use them to get to fit. The routine involves bouncing exercises concentrated on core abdominal muscles. As your body rebounds, your legs experience less strain, compared to running. Meaning, you can stay a bit longer jumping, and burn more calories.

You can modify this by adding some dance music to your exercises. An upbeat rhythm sets the pace of your movements, and keeps your mind alert and fresh. There are trampolines available online which you can use for such purposes.

Defying Gravity

If you ever have dreams of flying, antigravity yoga is your safest bet. The exercises are influenced by yoga, Pilates, and calisthenics. The only difference is you do these drills while suspended in the air. The workout is quite challenging as you have to fight the natural force of gravity while you move. The sheer intensity of carrying your own weight adds to the wonders of this exercise.

Whoever said exercises should be unexciting has obviously never tried these workouts. The next time you jump on a high-grade trampoline or ride a cycling machine, think of how much fun you can have with it. This will make the effort and expensed energy all worth it.