Great Buys for a Hygienic Motorhome

proper motorhome maintenanceMaintaining cleanliness is a must for motorhome owners. Make sure every area is free from dirt, microbes, and allergens. You need to ensure your family’s health and safety by cleaning the vehicle, especially the interior.

The bathroom and kitchen need the most attention and cleaning. Germs and allergens may thrive on the floors, walls, sinks, and countertops if you’re not watchful. Regularly cleaning your motorhome fixtures and accessories will keep the vehicle a healthy and comfortable place to stay in. Here are some items you may want to keep in your cupboard.

Odour Stop Multipurpose Cleaner

This product contains active ingredients that remove foul odour. It instantly breaks down wastes so you can easily get rid of them. It’s tough on foul smells, but gentle on rubber seals. Use it to clean your bathroom floor, fridge, drain, and sewerage. This multi-purpose cleaner and deodoriser also wards off ants and flies.

Adjustable Broom with Pan

Dust and debris scattered on the floor aren’t safe. An adjustable broom with a pan can be a smart investment, especially during summer. You’ll be more likely to spend time outdoors. The dirt and dust you’ll bring in your motorhome may cause foul odour and health problems. This product has an adjustable head angle and handle for easy and comfortable use. Its compact design allows for easy storage and space saving.

Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaner

A battery-operated vacuum cleaner is ideal when dealing with dusty or dirty floors and carpets, couches, and corners. It comes with a rechargeable battery and a powerful motor. Some units weigh as light as 2.15 kgs, so you can easily carry them.

Toilet Fluid

Keep your toilet smelling fresh all day and night with a quality cleaning agent. This product eliminates unpleasant smells and keeps your toilet looking clean. Use it with other cleaning products to achieve the best results.

You can easily find these items from an online motorhome parts and accessories store. Shop today for cleaner, more fragrant, and more comfortable journey.