Obamas To Pay Tribute To Mandela In South Africa

The White House said that President Barack Obama and wife Michelle Obama have plans to attend a national memorial service in South Africa that will pay tribute to Nelson Mandela.

obamaA rare reunion

This tribute will serve as a rare reunion of almost all the living American presidents.

The Obamas will be accompanied on Air Force One by former President Bush and wife Laura Bush.

Former President Bill Clinton and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, will also attend the memorial service in South Africa along with former President Jimmy Carter.

The tribute will take place at a stadium in Johannesburg.

Tribute to a personal hero

Obama has considered Mandela a personal hero, and his own political ways has drawn inevitable comparisons to the former South African dealer.

They met in person only once, a hastily arranged meeting in 2005 in Washington when Obama was a US senator.