Fall in Love with Asian Fashion Culture

fashionable clothesIf there’s one word to describe Asian fashion, most will probably say “cute.” Asian fashion is known for its eccentricity, bright colors, and unique patterns. Walking around in cities like Seoul and Tokyo is like watching a fashion show. Almost every girl exudes a high-level of confidence in her style, whether it’s punk, sassy, or cute.

Read on for the latest trends in Asian fashion.

Bold Accents

Anything feminine is in demand in Asia. Most Asian designers emphasize the use of feminine details like florals, laces, bows, and ruffles. You can see many Asian women who match cute tops with a frilly skirt, colored leggings, and tons of accessories. It may seem excessive, but that’s what makes the look unique.

Oversized Blouse

Slouchy shirts and blouses are a staple in Asian fashion. If you think that oversized blouses are messy, think again, as they can be a great fashion piece. To offset the sloppy aspect of the shirt, you can wear it with a fitted bottom like skinny jeans or leggings.

Huge Bows

Bows are everywhere in the region and Asian women wear them because they’re feminine, elegant, and adorable. The bigger the bow, the more dramatic it becomes. Wearing bows can upgrade your outfit instantly.

Pastel Colors

Asian designers are known to blend sheer pastels with unexpected colors, shapes, and patterns. Wearing pale shades from head-to-toe is unmistakably feminine and refreshingly trendy. To avoid running the risk of going overboard, tone down the candy colors with nude accessories or beige layers.

Exotic Patterns

Exotic patterns are common in Asian clothes. The safest way to wear exotic prints is to combine them with neutral colors – black, white, khaki, or beige. Safari colors match these patterns perfectly.

One Shoulder Trend

Many Asian women sport dramatic single shoulder tops to create the illusion of height in an outfit. One shoulder tops provide a flirty glimpse of skin, but give you enough cover to keep you comfortable. You can’t go wrong with this trend, as it’s the perfect mix of cute, edgy, and sexy.

Asia has been in the forefront of the fashion industry as of late. If you want to stand out from the crowd, then try these Asian fashion trends and fall in love with all the patterns and colors of Asian fashion culture.