A Vacation worth Remembering: Spending a Day in Fortitude Valley

booking an holiday accommodationWhen you’re given a day to tour Brisbane’s cultural and entertainment hub, you want to spend it visiting the best places, savouring popular delicacies, and creating wonderful memories. Fortitude Valley is one of the most famous suburbs not just in the city of Brisbane, but in Queensland. Lying northeast of the city’s central business district, “The Valley” features a lively nightlife, dynamic entertainment, vibrant art galleries, and a sophisticated shopping experience. So start searching for accommodations near Fortitude Valley and enjoy a great Brisbane vacation.

Here are some of the best things to do for a day in The Valley:

Shop ‘til You Drop

Featuring department stores, specialty shops, and designer boutiques, Fortitude Valley is truly a shopping haven. Here, tourists can choose from a variety of local or international products sold at different establishments. The Valley’s Brunswick Street Pedestrian Mall is one of the most visited shopping districts in the suburb, offering an array of shops, pubs, restaurants, and nightclubs. Don’t miss the plaque on the sidewalk honouring the Bee Gees.

Gastronomic Delights

The Valley has a restaurant at almost every corner. So whenever you feel hungry, feel free to choose from a variety of food shops offering different gastronomic delights. Have a pizza party with your friends at Alfredo’s Pizza, or sample some of Brisbane’s indulgent sweets at Jocelyn’s Provision. For a formal dining experience, visit Tinderbox Kitchen and choose from the restaurant’s bar food and imaginative drinks selection. Try At Six and Seven’s menu if you want meals complemented with sophisticated cocktails, carafe of wine, or cool cider and beer.

World-class Entertainment

End your day listening to lively music from some of the most famous bands at the Zoo. The Zoo is one of Brisbane’s popular nightclubs and an iconic music venue. It offers an endless line-up of jazz, hip-hop, rock, acoustic, reggae, and folk performances Wednesday through Sunday. The nightclub started as a cafe and pool hall in 1992. Now, it has reached an iconic status after hosting more than 1000 live acts, including Silverchair, Ben Harper, Powderfinger, and Spiderbait.

Look no further than Fortitude Valley if you’re planning to visit Brisbane for entertainment and relaxation. This lovely central Brisbane suburb offers some of the best entertainment and touring experience for every visitor.