Google Glass Takes Photos Through A Wink

Google is ending the year in a big way for Google Glass users. The company has launched a new feature to its Google Glass, which allows users to take a picture with a “wink of the eye.”

Software update

google glassThe search engine giant’s software update, named XE12, adds a feature that allows uploading and sharing videos on YouTube.

Google is also introducing a new way of securing the device that’s equivalent to a smartphone’s lock screen.

Tech companies have been keen to capture the wearable devices market, seen by many as a key growth area in the coming years.

Wearable tech business revolution

In a statement, Google said the wink gesture feature could have various other uses in the future. It’s faster than the camera button or the voice command and works even when the display is off.

Google Glass is one of the many wearable devices that have been developed by companies as they compete to take a major share of the growing market.