Facial Fillers: Different Types and their Effects

facialInjecting facial fillers is probably one of the easiest and fastest ways to minimize unwanted folds, creases, and wrinkles on your face. This type of treatment is something you should consider when aiming for a younger look. Facial fillers tighten the skin, reduce wrinkles, and rejuvenate the face. They can be injected in many areas of the face. This includes the lips or lip lines, mouth creases, crow’s feet, and forehead and brow line, among others.

Here are some types of available facial fillers:

Hyaluronic Acid

This is the most popular type of wrinkle fillers. Each type works in a slightly different way, and this affects the results. Some research reveals that repeated injection of wrinkle fillers may actually enhance the body’s natural collagen production. Others show that as time passes, less use of filler may achieve the desired effect. Hyaluronic wrinkle fillers include Juvederm Ultra or Juvederm Ultra Plus. The effects may last several months up to a year.


Early purified forms of collagen used as wrinkle fillers werefrom cows. Although they’re effective in achieving a smoother appearance, the results didn’t last long. They also had a higher rate of allergic reaction as they’re from an animal source. The introduction of new methods of processing collagen reduced health risks. They’re now safer and more useful. Results for this type of treatment is generally short lived, but they result to better, more natural look. Wrinkle fillers include Cosmoplast or Cosmoder. The effects may last up to six months depending on the treated area.


These are lab-made substances not related to anything found in the skin naturally. They have longer-lasting results, and at least one filler may permanently fill lines and creases. Radiesse is one of the common types of synthetic wrinkle fillers. The effects last for one year, but as the body begins producing collagen around microspheres, they may last longer.


This includes substances taken from the patient’s body, such as fat. The fat is normally taken from the stomach, thighs, and buttocks to fill facial lines and creases. Though these aren’t common, they may be an option for some people not comfortable with the other choices.

Wrinkle fillers are among the safest cosmetic procedures available. As there are many options to choose from, research properly or consult professionals to know which one will suit you best. Facial filler substances such as Juvederm, Cosmoplast, and Radiesse have different effects, so it’s important to know their differences.