A Site that Shares, A Site that Cares

website developerThe first websites on the internet were single-page, white background sites that displayed basic and rudimentary information. The best graphics you could see were rolling marquees that moved right to left at the top or bottom of the page. This is very different from what’s considered the bare minimum of web design today.

Getting Help

Website development has grown from a garage hobby, to a professional industry in the shortest time possible. When companies in Melbourne and across the globe, in general, need a website launched for their new product or brand, they don’t bother with learning how to code – they hire someone who already understands it. This is a smart move considering there are six different types of client side coding, and fourteen different kinds of server coding available.

The Work Never Ends

Once the site is live, however, the work doesn’t stop. Some companies use search engine loopholes and program flaws to get more people to visit their site. Google and Yahoo want to counter this by making their search parameters stricter and more advanced. The company website needs to keep up with the changes to stay afloat in the sea of competing information. The developers in Melbourne responsible for your website should do regular revisits to check on the health and maintenance of that site and administer changes to keep it up-to-date.

No-Size Fits All

It should raise a red flag if your web developers don’t ask you anything about your product or business. This should tell you that the developer you’re about to hire couldn’t care less about your website, and will just muck it up. How can that be? A website is the identity of your product or company and represents you on the web, which is a lot wider than what you may be used to in the real world. So, you need to make sure you’re getting across to your audience, to show them what you can provide, and know what they think about you.

Your site needs to be your virtual doppelganger. The site the company’s launching should be tailor-fit for you and your customers’ needs.

Web design is no piece of cake by any stretch of the imagination, but, if done right, it will pay in dividends very soon.