Christmas Mudslide Memories Remain Even A Decade Later

mudslideIt has been ten years since a mudslide swept through a church mountain retreat in Southern California on Christmas Day, but to this day the memories of that ghastly incident remain fresh with worshippers continuing their mission at a new place.

The Unfortunate Disaster

On the night of December 25, 2003, fourteen people, who included nine children, died when a huge gush of water, debris and boulders ripped through a campground located at the foot of the hills in San Bernandino that lies 60 miles east of Los Angeles. Summer and winter camps at the grounds at Waterman Canyon that spans 45 acres were common affair for the members of the St. Sophia Greek Orthodox Church and Foundation until the mudslide disaster.

However, post the mudslide event, which has been described by localities as being traumatic, winter camps have been disbanded and the group conducts summer camps at a different site, Crestline that lies quite close to the place of the disaster.