An Easy Guide to Removing Rollerskate Scuffmarks

using roller skatesIn the 1970s and 1980s, it seemed like almost everyone around the world knew how to roller skate. When roller blades became popular, four-wheeled skates faded into the background. Now, many Brits are becoming interested once again in rollerskating, thanks in part to the increasing popularity of roller derby around the UK.

Rollerskating is a fun and healthy activity that’s ideal for all ages. Scuffing up your new rollerskates, however, is bound to happen as you continue to use them.

Fortunately, scuffmarks are quick and easy to remove. To remove these blemishes from your rollerskate boots effectively, follow these directions:

Scrub the Scuffmarks Away

Before scrubbing the scuffmarks away, lay down a layer of newspapers or an old towel to catch the drops of water.

Dampen a magic eraser sponge with water. Work over the newspaper or towel, and rub the scuffmarks gently with the sponge. Increase the pressure gradually if the scuffmarks are particularly stubborn.

Wipe the surface of the rollerskate boots with a damp cloth to remove the crumbs and residue the sponge left behind.

Tip: If the scuffmarks are dark or difficult, position the boots over a layer of newspapers or old towel to protect the floor.

Dip a cotton ball in nail polish remover, but be sure not to over-wet it. It should be damp, but not dripping.

Rub the scuffmarks with the damp cotton ball, while applying enough pressure to scrub them away. Wipe the boots with a damp cloth to remove the nail polish remover residue.

Polish the Rollerskate Boots

After removing the scuffmarks, you may be left with an uneven surface colour. Before bringing them back to their former glory, look for a shoe polish in the same colour as the boots.

Put down a layer of newspapers or an old towel to protect the work surface. Wipe the boots down lightly with a soft, dry cloth to remove any debris.
Follow the package directions when applying the shoe polish. Pay attention to the scuffed or discoloured areas.

It’s easy to remove scuffmarks from new rollerskates. Just follow these instructions and your pair will be good as new.