Target Is US’ Most Hated Company

targetAccording to a recent report from a business expert publication, the most hated company in America is Target, as it frustrates many consumers with poor service.

Company performance

A company can be halted if it not just angers consumers, but also employees and shareholders. Due to poor service and unpleasant working conditions, this anger may lead to poor return on investments.

Usually, these circumstances are enough for a company to expect its reputation, as well as its finances and operations, to suffer.

Key to decent service

Many of the most hated companies have millions of consumers and thousands of workers. With this kind of reach, it’s best to keep employees happy to maintain decent customer service.

To identify the most hated companies in America, researchers reviewed a variety of measures for customer satisfaction, profit performance, and employee satisfaction.

This included a total return to investors compared to the broader market and other companies in the same industry.